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Monday, February 04, 2008

Annuals 1985

The 2000 AD and Judge Dredd Annuals are now inline with each other. The formats are the same and the percentage of old material to new matches. The reprinted thrills are appropriate to the rest of the content and the originated strips are, on the whole, by creator robots readers would associate with the characters. Any features are about the content rather than jaded old pieces about whether man will ever colonise the moon or how a colonised space station might work. In fact, at last, they are both the special event that they were always supposed to be.

Before moving to Milton Keynes, my mother acted as the catalogue lady for where we lived. When we moved, she continued to receive it twice a year even though she didn't know anyone in MK. The copy which she received during the Summer was exciting for me because it functioned as the Christmas edition and featured two pages of annuals for next year. I particularly remember seeing the 2000 AD and Judge Dredd Annuals for 1985 and asking for them for my birthday. My birthday is in early August and Annuals were rarely available until the end of that month at the earliest. This meant that, technically, on the actual day of my seventeenth birthday I probably received very little and didn't actually receive my presents until several weeks after.

I don't know why I'm telling you this. I guess the idea of being able to order good comics from your mother's catalogue is at least a little bit interesting.

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  • Spot on! I was a fair bit younger (probably about ten) when I recall being entranced by page after page of annuals in the Kays catalogue. All these great little pictures, in lovely colour, of footballers, soldiers, spacemen and robots. Brilliant.

    There was something a little jarring, however, about seeing the first 2000ad annual in amongst this lot. Firstly, because I had actually been reading the weekly (unlike Roy of the Rovers, Battle, et al), and secondly because it had a green winged demon and helmeted Dare on the cover - wha?

    By Blogger Ken Davidson, at 7:48 pm  

  • Weather men on the moon?That'd be pretty pointless seeing how the moon's got no atmosphere

    By Blogger Tam, at 3:51 pm  

  • Ken, was that 1979?

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:53 pm  

  • Tam, corrected, baby!

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:53 pm  

  • It was the first one - 1978 I think - it just seemed so odd amongst all the other Brit annuals, and the US TV show tie-ins like Bionic Woman etc. I think I badgered my mum into buying it 'through the club' early, and she let me have it well before Christmas, shock horror.

    Of course, for the next decade the 2000ad annual was on the standard Christmas list as item no.1, against a backdrop of things that moved from Action Man figures through to ZX Spectrum computer games.

    By Blogger Ken Davidson, at 7:08 pm  

  • Ken, it's nice to think of the 2000 AD annuals as a childhood constant.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 6:28 pm  

  • I could never get the annuals as they seldom appeared in New Zealand, where I grew up. I use to look at the ads for them in 2000AD and so wish i could get my hands on them! Did manage to get the Dredd 82 one, and I think I found 2000ad annual 1983 when we were holidaying in South Africa!
    Many years later, all grown up, I decided to fulfil my childhood wish of having the annuals and bought the almost the entire lot on Ebay! Great stuff.

    By Blogger Simon C, at 8:48 am  

  • I had exactly the same feeling about Kays Catalogue as both Ken and Paul! Although I hated the summer holidays ending, I also looked forward to the annuals appearing in the shops - that kind of made up for having to go back to school.

    By Blogger dmstarz, at 3:55 pm  

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