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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Prog 380

A fun, two part, Steve Dillon drawn Rogue Trooper story finishes this prog. Whilst doing a bit of bio-chip spring cleaning, you know, like scrubbing out their slots and greasing up the equipment, Rogue is blinded temporarily by a Nort bomb blast. As a result, all the chips are placed back into the wrong slots so, for example, Gunner is in charge of the helmet (what a responsibility). Interestingly, none of the bio-chip buddies seem able to operate any piece of equipment other than that which they are trained in as indicated by the name on each of their birth certificates. So, for example, when Rogue asks for a grenade, Helm dispenses a light bulb from the backpack by mistake.

On the surface, Rogue seems to be a well organised unit leader but the bio-chips not having full equipment training seems to be poor resource management and an oversight bordering on negligence. If I was his superior officer, thanks to this and failing to find the Traitor General by the agreed deadline, I would have no choice but to rate him as underperforming in his end of year appraisal.

The strip itself has been overrunning onto the back cover recently which means that the final page is in colour. As I’ve mentioned before, I like seeing Rogue Trooper coloured in. In a visual sense, black and white Rogue looks a bit like a war strip from Warlord or Battle. In colour, we’re reminded that there is something exceptional about the character.

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