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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Prog 370

Despite openly admitting to being in love with 2000 AD by this prog, I wasn’t that infatuated with it that I couldn’t spot an inappropriate art robot on the coveted Judge Dredd when there was one. Kim Raymond was an artist whose scrappy style seemed jarring in comparison with others who had worked on it recently. He/she seemed to have arrived from nowhere without having done apparently any sort of apprenticeship, such as hovering around the industry for months before being offered high profile and regular work like Steve Dillon and Alan Davis had to. Why, for example, was Cliff Robinson, an obviously appealing artist, drawing Future Shocks when he was made for Judge Dredd and Raymond was more suited to them instead?

Encountering Raymond’s Judge Dredd again twenty four years later, I can see now that his/her ability is actually quite good. The error here is the thrill with which he/she was tasked. I can only presume that this occurred because he/she had an ability to keep to deadlines, an attribute that Tharg must have thought of as valuable considering the absence of file Judge Dredd thrills in 1984, as demonstrated by the recent reprint of Mutie the Pig. Raymond’s art style wasn’t suited for over violent sci-fi, in my opinion. He/she would have been better off drawing romance comics, if they weren’t all photo-strips at the time.

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  • Something tells me that Kim is a bloke (did I read that somewhere?), he has a girl's name *and* he draws like a girl!

    I've just read 2007 progs (courtesy of Jez Higgins), with some Steve Yeowell stuff (Red Seas, Detonator X). These days I feel the same about him: he draws like a girl, or a 1930s ripping yarn artist, not good in my book.

    Blimey, my opinions are becoming quite polarised these days ;)

    By Blogger Ken Davidson, at 11:45 am  

  • Yeowell's recent work distresses me too :(

    way too scratchy and incomplete, it seems

    By Blogger Drhoz, at 12:05 pm  

  • Yup, drhoz, I agree. I loved his earlier Zenith stuff, but was surprised to read in an interview that he hated it, and much prefers his own work now.

    He's striving to simplify: to put down only the essential lines. Very laudable, but I don't think he can carry it off at the expense of the attractiveness of his work. In American terms, he needs a darn good inker.

    By Blogger Ken Davidson, at 4:34 pm  

  • Ken, I think originally that I thought that he/she was a woman because the art was so seperate from everything else 2000 AD published. It confused me :-)

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 6:01 pm  

  • I always flick through a new 2000 AD and I quite like the look of Yeowell's recent work myself but, to be honest, I've only looked at it fleetingly.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 6:02 pm  

  • While I wasn't keen on Detonator X (Yeowell's art never suits being coloured, in my view) I think The Red Seas is fantastic. At least as good, and possibly better, than Zenith. Some of the double page spreads in the Underworld story and the awesome Roman mosaic episode of the werewolf one spring to mind.

    I never thought Kim Raymond was a girl, but that's because I already knew Kim Stanley Robinson wasn't.

    I still think Simone Bianchi is one though.

    By Blogger Peter, at 10:31 pm  

  • I tried to find out a bit more re. Kim Raymond online. Amusingly, typing '2000ad' and his/her name into Google returns this very Slog entry.

    Either it's a testament to the growing influence of The Slog, or an indictment of m/rs Raymond's legacy.

    By Blogger Stavros, at 2:31 am  

  • I'm now fairly certain there's mention in an interview in one of 2007's JD megazines...will come back later...

    By Blogger Ken Davidson, at 9:37 am  

  • Ah, it all becomes clear. Think Roy of the Rovers - remember the style? A certain Mr Raymond...



    and perhaps the most damning from Mr Bishop...


    By Blogger Ken Davidson, at 12:58 pm  

  • Stavros, my favourite male Kim is Kim Newman.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:57 pm  

  • Cheers Ken. Kim is a he. I'm not editing my post, though.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:59 pm  

  • Yeah, Raymond's art suits Roy of the ROvers, but not Dredd. Prog 370 is pretty disappointing. Strontium Dog is ok and the one-shot is slightly amusing. But Rogue and the Future Shock are pretty bad.

    By Blogger Simon C, at 2:13 am  

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