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Monday, January 21, 2008

Prog 368

This prog wraps up a charming three part Judge Dredd tale, Portrait of a Politician, which charts the rise of Dave the orang-utan from bar hang out to mayor of Mega City One. I have fond feelings this story. First time around, I understood that Dredd can deliver the multi-part epics without a sweat, but with this, and the recent Citizen Snork in which a young man aims for Mega City notoriety by growing the world’s biggest nose, I learned that the thrill can deliver the small, human stories also. Admittedly, these stories contain at least a glimpse of Judge Dredd violence and a big dollop of the absurd but this helps to emphasise the humanity, if anything. In this story, it would be easy to portray the characters as ridiculous for voting an ape mayor of America’s largest city, but creator robots John Wagner, Alan Grant and Ron Smith understand that the public have a sense of humour and it’s this which helps make Portrait of a Politician a memorable political satire.

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