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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Prog 362

Item: I’m pleased to report that Judge Dredd The Haunting of Sector House 9 is as enjoyable to re-read as it was in my memory. There are the obvious Dredd tales that last in the consciousness of old school 2000 AD readers and there are others, such as this, which should also. What I find particularly striking about this story is the faultless timing of writers Wagner and Grant and the bold artwork of Brett Ewins. Of course, this is the first big Dredd adventure since my commitment to 2000 AD with prog 350, so my affection for it may be entirely personal but being able to report that it hasn’t aged is a good thing, right?

The Haunting of Sector House 9 sees the broadening of judge nationalities with the introduction of Judges Patel and, head of Psi Division, Omar. Prior to this story, we had Judge Giant, who died at the end of Block Mania, and even Dredd himself, some might say, before the colourists got to him. Ewins seems to enjoy drawing a diverse range of judge faces and haircuts and I wonder if this extension of the cultural mix is down, in part, to him.

This prog’s notable first: The original and best of the Brian Bolland influenced art droids, Cliff Robinson, makes his first appearance this prog in the Future Shock, Dead Reckoning. Robinson fascinates me for the simple reason that his output, for years, seems to match that of somebody who draws in his spare time for fun rather than that of a professional.

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  • Yeah, Ewins's artwork on this Dredd story is great. He'd been doing stuff for 2000AD for a while but i always thought his stuff eg the Frankenstein clone Dredd tale from way back - was a bit amateurish. But 'Haunting''s artwork is good and he'd get even better with Bad Company.
    Its amazing how much Robinson's artwork in this issue looks like Bolland's. Tharg must've used same programming on the two droids.
    The Time Twister in this issue is not too good. There's no credit card. Art is by Jesus Redondo but anyone know who the writer might be? My guess is Alan Hebden. Seems like he was running out of ideas, and i don't think he did much more for 2000AD around this time.
    The previous issue, 361, is not reviewed here? It had a typically awful Tharg story - why did they do them? He's battling some ridiculous alien.
    Belardinelli's art on Slaine was sometimes great. I agree MacMahon's was amazing. But look at the 3 panels of animals at the bottom of the second page of Slaine in 361, and the landscape at the top of the fourth page. Such terrific detail.

    By Blogger Simon C, at 9:46 am  

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