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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Prog 352

When the alpha-thrill that is supposed to feature in every prog doesn’t appear in a new episode due to some error or other, then there is only one person to blame I would have thought; Tharg. For last prog and this, the Judge Dredd strips have been a reprint of the two part Mutie the Pig story from 2000 AD’s first year. Why there aren’t unpublished Judge Dredd stories on file in case of this sort of problem, I don’t know. Shame on you, Tharg! Shame on you!

I’m not laughing at DR and Quinch as much as I thought I would and am worried that I might have become over familiar with the strip during the eighties. After originally reading them in the weekly, I also picked up the Titan Book collection, Guide to Life, a year or two later and the colour reprints for the North American market. However, Alan Davis’ dumbstruck Quinch is always comforting to see and DR explaining to his new girlfriend that the letters in his nick name stand for Deeply Religious, this episode, made me smile.

Rogue Trooper might be slipping down 2000 AD’s rating charts now but there’s something invigorating about seeing the thrill occupy the colour centre spread. Seeing Rogue’s bright blue skin set against Cam Kennedy’s traditional British war strip black and white artwork seems to elevate it in my eyes. I might be programmed somewhat by my exposure to colour American comics but I’m pretty certain that, had Rogue Trooper occupied the colour pages earlier in his career, then it would have regularly beaten Judge Dredd in the readers’ poles.

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