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Monday, December 10, 2007

Prog 322

I definitely had this prog first time around. I’m guessing that I was motivated to buy it thanks to another appearance by the mighty team of Alan Moore and Alan Davis who are already producing dynamite with Captain Britain for Marvel UK and are about to, if they aren’t already, with Marvel Man for Warrior. This time they produce a one-off called The Hyper-Historic Headbang. In it, we learn of a flattened planet with pitch perfect inhabitants living in its canyons and a spaceship carving its way through them thus creating one of the most memorable heavy metal concerts of all time. Now that’s what I call rock excess!

After being injured, Rogue Trooper feverishly lets slip a series of incidents in which Helm, Bagman and Gunner messed up when they were alive and he had to cover for them. We learn that the bio-chip buddies were pretty unpleasant individuals when they were real people and their personalities aren’t entirely down to full-body-loss trauma. In a rare moment of thrill nobility, Rogue recovers his senses soon enough to retract his statements for the sake of the unit and kill the last of any nearby advancing Norts. What a man!

In Robo-Hunter, Sam Slade is alive again after being killed by a swarm of Teeny Meks several episodes ago. In ghost form, he’s persuaded his clone to share his body with him in the hope that they can escape jail, avenge his murder and resume hunting robots, no doubt. When Marvel killed off Captain America recently, the follow up issues would have been considerably improved if Bucky was being haunted by the ghost of Steve Rogers, don’t you think. I’m enjoying The Slaying of Slade much more than Play it Again Sam but I am missing Hoagy and Stogie who haven’t played much of a role in this story so far.

Although he’s made background appearances in Tharg stories before, art editing droid Robin Smith makes Alan Moore’s role as a script robot official, at last, by drawing him in his own pin-up. I love the idea of a robot with long hair and a beard. I think all three of the Star Wars prequels would have been improved considerably if all the robots had been built with stylish haircuts and facial hair.

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  • I like the cans of 'oil' under the desk. I presume Droid Moore liked a wee bevvy at the time.

    By Blogger Stavros, at 5:24 pm  

  • I wouldn't be surprised if he still likes a bevvy :-)

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 6:11 pm  

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