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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Prog 317

This prog’s notable first is the appearance of DR and Quinch by Alans Moore and Davis. It’s an impressive opener considering that this is a Time Twister tale which, as far as everyone must have been concerned, could have just stayed as a one-off with the characters disappearing into the ether never to be seen again. In DR and Quinch Have Fun on Earth, the two delinquent friends travel up and down our timeline encountering historical events and causing all sorts of mayhem. It’s a bit like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure only with nuclear weapons and several years earlier. What’s impressive to me about this strip upon re-reading it is how much happens in six pages. The story does feel like a big budget, fun action movie rather than just a spun out notion.

In Rogue Trooper, a band of Souther soldiers (God bless ‘em) encounter what they think is barbed-wired but actually turns out to be the dastardly Norts latest weapon; bio-wire. Rogue and his bio-chipped buddies try to help the only survivor, the shell shocked platoon’s cook, but end up being captured by Norts (boo). The cook is bullied into making his captors a meal but it happens to be laced with fragments of the bio-wire and all the dirty Norts die in agony.

I mention this Rogue Trooper story because, like this prog’s Time Twister, it’s self contained. Unlike this prog’s Time Twister, it’s just five pages long. Script robot Gerry Finley-Day writes it in a sparser style but it still manages to conjure a compelling yarn. Granted, Alan Moore’s caption heavy and more highly regarded DR and Quinch tale is altogether more satisfying to read but there’s something to be said for Finley-Day’s bare essentials, no nonsense way of getting the story done.

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  • I think Moore described the strip as Dennis the Menace with nuclear weapons.

    By Blogger Tam, at 1:20 pm  

  • Dennis is a bigger bully in my opinion, Tam.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:39 pm  

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