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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Annual 1984

I’ve been holding back on reviewing the 1984 annuals because I thought that it might be amusing and appropriate to read them over Christmas. To try and recreate the experience of opening them for the first time on Christmas morning twenty four years ago (although I have never owned them before The Slog). Well, this is what it was like –

I noticed that script robot Staccato, AKA Alan Grant, is credited with a three of the originated thrills, including Robo Hunter, Judge Anderson and Judge Dredd. Why he didn’t use his real name or a number of his different aliases, I don’t know. Anyway, these were read in my parents’ living room as Simon and Garfunkle blared out of the DVD player. As I started to read an article on the creation of Skizz written by Alan Moore which, incidentally, doesn’t mention ET once, I started to feel drowsy and, I’m disappointed to reveal, was the first in the house to fall asleep. The rest of the annual was read at home immediately after Harry Hill’s Christmas TV Burp in the evening. Included is the Nemesis spin-off Torquemada strip, during which the leader of Termite is resurrected from the dead for the day and then travels home with a drawing of the alien warlock for his wife. I can’t help but imagine this story totally baffling any casual non-readers of the weekly that had this given to them on Christmas Day 1983.

Alan Moore’s profile is fairly high this year. As well as the Skizz article, he also scripts a Rogue Trooper and Ro-Busters story. In an article written by Ro-Jaws, he is listed amongst five creator droids of the year, three of which are entirely fictional. How’s that for proof that you’ve made it in the world of British comics?

And that’s it; a good percentage of original content, strong creators, appropriate reprints, all wrapped up in a slightly disappointing sleeve by Dave Gibbons. Merry Christmas.

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  • I always loved this cover. That Harry Hill's a jape, isn't he?

    By Blogger dmstarz, at 5:11 pm  

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