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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Prog 337

It’s good to have Pat Mills back after what seems like years away from the comic he, essentially, created. My understanding is, and please note that this is recalled entirely from my faltering memory, that Mills had a falling out with 2000 AD, possibly over the use of characters he helped to create, and withheld work on principle. (Please feel free to endorse or deny my perception if you know better.) Since the late 100s, we’ve only had Nemesis the Warlock from him which, in comparison to his input before, is fairly light. Currently, the script robot is on a roll, writing for us the first adventures of Slaine and the third book of Nemesis.

Still, if Mills hadn’t had gone off in a (presumed) huff then we might never have had space for such classic runs as Meltdown Man and (shudder) The Mean Arena. Equally, there would have been less space for Alan Moore to wriggle into the industry through and God knows where that might have left us all. Mills himself might never have found the time to write the excellent Charley’s War for Battle.

Of course, all of this is supposition based upon an unreliable premise in the first place. What is true, however, is that, as far as I’m concerned, Mills is one of the tone setting alpha script robots along with Wagner and Grant. Thank Crom he’s back.

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  • If he had a falling out with 2000AD and could only write Charley's War for Battle, then thank all that is good that he had a falling out.

    By Blogger dmstarz, at 5:05 pm  

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