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Friday, November 16, 2007

Prog 292

Sam Slade; Robo-Hunter is back after a short break! Hooray! Prime Droid, Iron Aggie, has declared it national song day or something so that this story is principally sung. This is decades before that classic episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer everyone goes on about that I’ve never seen. The high rate or output from script robots John Wagner and Alan Grant might result in unfortunate stereotypes every now and then, like the portrayal of Japanese football fans recently, but in general, it’s impressive just how strong the quality of their work is at this time. I would even describe it as awe inspiring. In fact, I think I will. It’s awe inspiring.

I’m really enjoying 2000 AD at the moment. There’s rarely a dud to be seen, especially now that The Mean Arena has finished. Between them Wagner and Grant, with Gerry Finley-Day, are providing that consistency of tone I’ve talked about before, which is quite an achievement considering the quantity and quality of their output. Well done, everyone.

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