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Friday, November 30, 2007

Prog 310

Fort Neuro ends this prog with the soldiers snapping out of their mental funks all at once and fighting back against those dirty Norts. Hooray! The robots that helped Rogue Trooper, which, incidentally, thanks to artist Cam Kennedy look like remote control bomb disposal robots, are rebuilt with smiles drawn onto their faces. So, even the robots have a happy ending. Yippee!

Reader John McCrea of Northern Ireland has his drawing of Judge Toyah published by Tharg. I know that McCrea goes on to produce work for both Crisis and The Megazine but I can’t remember if he becomes a bona-fide art droid. I guess The Slog will reveal all as it progresses.

In real time, it’s 1983 and I’m dipping into 2000 AD now only slightly more often than I did during the 200s, which isn’t very much. I’m already a huge Alan Moore fan and, thanks to fanzines like Fantasy Advertiser, I’m able to track any work that he is producing for publications other than Warrior. I remember buying prog 308 because it features the first episode of the ET inspired, Skizz, but by this prog, I had moved on despite Moore’s appearance being guaranteed for the next few weeks. I was disappointed to see in prog 309 that Skizz had been dropped from six pages to four. I decided that I couldn’t rely upon him writing the Time Twisters every time and made the decision that the money I would spend on four weekly 2000 ADs (eighteen pence each, or twenty from next prog) would be better served going towards around three monthly American comics.

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  • Oh God, aye. I remember spending one Saturday afternoon in John's shop DARK HORIZONS (well, closet, really - there was hardly room to swing a cat in it), circa 1988: someone had dug up a copy of that 'un, and we were all giving him grief about it.

    By Blogger Mark, at 10:42 pm  

  • John McCrea talks about the whys and wherefores of his short 2000AD career in a rather good interview here.

    He's also just been interviewed for the Meg' (by me!).

    Matt Badham

    By Blogger Matt Badham, at 11:53 am  

  • Ha ha. Make John pay, Mark :-). Actually, there were a lot more worse things to be into in 1983 than Toyah.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 8:42 pm  

  • Cheers Matt.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 8:42 pm  

  • I remember John dishing it out as much as he took it. He ribbed me constantly because I once bought an issue of Marvel Comics Presents with a Rob Liefeld cover. I swore blind it was for the Mark Badger story inside, but he never let me forget it.

    In that respects, we were many years ahead of the pack in regards of the Liefeld-backlash. Yay us.

    By Blogger Mark, at 10:56 pm  

  • Have you seen the fifty worse Liefeld drawings? Some of those are amazing. Actually, I can quite like looking at a superhero drawing Liefeld's taken a bit of effort with.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:54 pm  

  • Blimey! I remember Dark Horizons back in the day. Gone now of course, Forbidden Planet having set up stall in Belfast.

    PS Rob Leifield has done a surprisingly good cover for the first issue of Marvel's new Deadpool comic.

    By Blogger dmstarz, at 5:30 pm  

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