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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Prog 298

Tharg’s Future Shocks have been absent for a while but in its place is the new Time Twisters. These are short, sharp, shock thrills in the style of the Future Shock except they have a principle theme of time travel. Thanks, perhaps, to the collections from Titan and, more recently, Rebellion, I always thought that the Time Twisters were a creation of Alan Moore but this doesn’t seem to be the case as, so far, they’ve all been written by someone else.

This prog’s, called Family Trees, is about a genealogy company which use time travel technology to track down a famous ancestor for you. This is much more convenient than traipsing around old reference libraries and talking to old people. In fact, Amalgamated Ancestors are so confident that everyone has a famous ancestor that they offer to pay anyone for whom they fail to find one for one billion megabucks. As the company head explains, everyone has two parents, four grandparents, eight great grand parents and so on, so the likelihood of us all having a famous ancestor is pretty high.

It’s good to see script robot Alan Hebden back. Although I had some difficulty with Meltdown Man occasionally, I did enjoy Psi Wars which he wrote for Star Lord, so it’s cool to see him still scripting modest little gems like this. As for John Higgins, he’s not an art robot that I associate with 2000 AD for another two hundred progs. Amazingly, his work at this stage is fully formed and looks exactly as it does when he goes on to become more established.

ANNOUNCEMENT: For those of you who find reading The Slog as often as I post it a bit of a er…. Slog, then you might like to know that the edited high lights/omnibus version has started to appear at new comics’ website,
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