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Monday, November 19, 2007

Prog 296

Sometimes, when putting together this blog, I find myself getting confused about what tense I am writing in. Am I writing in the past tense because these were published twenty-five years ago, or the present tense because they are real to me now? I re-read what I’ve written before posting it and I trip over myself correcting it all.

In the Judge Dredd story, The Executioner, which finished recently, a vigilante is committing acts of revenge against members of Mega City One’s criminal underworld. The Judges know that The Executioner is a blond woman but Dredd also suspects that she is a Judge. So, he embarks on a series of interrogations of blond, female judges in an attempt to flush her out. I found myself thinking, surely the judges can do some sort of DNA check to help them narrow down the search if they know this much already. This is supposed to be set in the future after all, forgetting, obviously, that this story was first published in 1982.

In this prog’s tale, Bizmo Klux is mugged and thrown into a rad pit afterwards. Because he is 134 years old and had so much replacement surgery over the years, what’s left of him rises out of the hole in search of revenge and flesh. Bizmo was born in 1971, which puts him at about my age and forces a connection between me, the reader, and the character. That could be me, one day, living through Chief Judge Cal’s mad reign and The Apocalypse War before getting jumped by a tap gang and being left for dead in some radioactive sludge. I suspect for this story that script robots John Wagner and Alan Grant chose Bizmo's year of birth deliberately. I wonder if, in 1982, 1971 was the year that the average reader was born in.

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