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Friday, November 09, 2007

Prog 281

The final part of Robo-Hunter story The Killing of Kidd appears this prog. It turns out that the person trying to kill Kidd, the nappy wearing 39 year old soap opera star, is everyone. Even his own mother is among them but can you blame her? After all, Kidd did have her head transplanted onto a monkey's body. On the surface, this seems like a cruel thing to do but, come on, who wouldn’t stitch their mother's living head onto a monkey's body if they had the opportunity? Now, if it had been onto a penguin's body, then that would have been weird.

Recent adverts for the Titan Book collections of 2000 AD material show that they have branched out from Judge Dredd to include Sam Slade's first adventure. Given that they could have chosen almost any other thrill to reprint, including Strontium Dog, Ro-Busters or ABC Warriors, I wonder what encouraged them to decide on Robo-Hunter. Whatever the reason, I love the current run of shorter, Brit-Cit based stories, probably because this is the first time I'm reading them. They are bright, fun and imaginative. It's a shame that more comic strips aren't made this way, these days.

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