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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Prog 279

ITEM: I feel I did a disservice to John Casanovas when I described the art robots on this year’s Sci-fi Special as “fill ins”. Casanovas drew the Judge Dredd story for it as he does for this prog. He has an intricate but accessible style. Everyone is drawn with small but bulbous and shiny noses, as if they’ve been taking secret gulps of gin between panels. I particularly like the way he draws Dredd. Most artists are now opting to draw him with a Bolland styled scowl but Casanovas gives him a dignified sternness. Definitely the quirkiest artist to draw Dredd so far, which is saying something when you consider how much McMahon has drawn by this point.

ITEM: I never thought that this would happen even though it did with previous thrills that I started out not liking, but I’m beginning to quite enjoy The Mean Arena. Seeing commentator, Kevin O’Conner, refusing to broadcast the Vampire Team’s attack on their manager to prevent the sport being thrown into disrepute struck a chord with me. It was as if Street Football has suddenly become a metaphor for life and seeing O’Conner act nobly must have connected with me with me somehow. Seeing Matt Talon announce at the end of this episode that there are only two more people left for him to avenge his brother’s death on, inferring that there is probably a light at the end of this thrill’s tunnel, is another factor. With any luck, he’ll do it quickly and take them both out at once. However, it’s Mike White’s art that remains the main pull for me. I really like it.

ITEM: In this prog’s episode of ACE Trucking Co, Ace announces to Ghost, the ship’s computer, that he and GBH are leaving for some “horizontal”. It turns out that we don’t get to see the start of 2000 AD’s first gay relationship; “horizontal” is space trucker speak for ‘a sleep’. Before closing his eyes, Ace sticks a tube into his mouth and instructs Ghost to administer a double dose of Mac Mac to him every hour. I like a drink as much as the next man but if you have to have one to get to sleep then that’s something you should be worried about. If you need a drink every hour to stay asleep then you should almost certainly visit your doctor. This prog’s notable first occurs at the end of this episode; Ace gets his point chopped off.

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  • I'm intrigued as to the strap-line concerning Duran Duran. Can anyone fill me in?

    By Blogger Stavros, at 4:17 pm  

  • DJ1 has a photgraph of Andy Taylor reading a copy of 2000 AD in his column. That's about it really.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 5:56 pm  

  • Cor the Mean Arena must have gone on for freakin' ever...

    By Blogger dmstarz, at 4:24 pm  

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