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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Prog 273

Trouble on Tree-World, by Steve Moore (no relation) and Alan Langford, sees the return of Agent Rat. Who, you might ask. Exactly, I reply. According to Tharg, Agent Rat last appeared in prog 213. I don’t remember that at all and I only read it last September.

I thought that when doing The Slog I would have encountered a repetition of story from Wagner and Grant long before a repetition of name but there it is, as plane as the nose on Jimmy Nail’s face; Dave Paton. As long time readers of The Slog will remember, Dave Paton was the owner of Elvis, the robot car that went on a killing spree in prog 56. In this prog, Dave Paton is one of the six Bampot scientists that Ace takes on board the Speedo Ghost. You probably think that, even given the contracted period of time in which I am reading all of these comics in, remembering the names of bit characters is an achievement especially after forgetting a more significant player like Agent Rat so soon. The truth is, however, that I used to work with a Dave Paton (hi Dave, if you’re reading this), so it’s no achievement at all.

Belardinnelli doesn’t draw himself in every strip he’s credited with but he does it often enough for it to be a signature move. In ACE Trucking Co he’s drawn himself as Professor Max Challenger, another of the Bampot scientists. I’ll recognise that thick beard and the hair parted by Moses anywhere. Also drawn as Bampots are Alan Grant, as Doctor Hoskins, and John Wagner, as Chumley. I presume that the other scientists, including Dave Paton, are also based on real people but I couldn’t tell you who. I wish I did as Miss Frobisher and Celia Fforbes-Schmidt look cute to me even with their lack of torsos and underdeveloped limbs.

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