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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Prog 271

I’m back online and feeling fine! And, to top it all, prog 270 arrived in the post today! The Slog is back on track, baby!

That’s enough of that.

It’s the second ACE Trucking Co cover in a row. I didn’t realise that this thrill was so highly regarded. GBH is taking part in The Battle of the Biffos, a knock out wrestling competition, because Ace is desperate to win back his two lugs that he lost to arch rival, Jago Kain, in a previous episode. Kain agrees to the bet but only because his new biffo, The Brute, is some kind of super sized giant or something. In fact, The Brute is so intimidating that his opponents are knocking themselves out before he even gets to raise a finger.

Over in Judge Dredd, the war has been won, McGruder is now Chief Judge and all able bodied citizens have been conscripted into rebuilding the city. Dredd has been sent to sort out a robo-rebelian. Ownerless robots have built a Meka City under the leadership of Precious Leglock, a jewel encrusted wrestling droid.

It’s July 1982, there’s definitely a wrestling theme going on in this prog and I’m trying to remember how popular the sport is at this time. It’s too early for American wrestling to have made any sort of impact over here, although Precious Leglock does rant like a WWE star. British wrestling, which was definitely huge at the end of the seventies, I thought was on the wane at this point. Whatever, it is still alive in the hearts of Wagner and Grant and that’s fine by me.

Incidentally, what is a “biffo”, anyway?

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  • full-time hired muscle

    By Blogger Drhoz, at 11:00 pm  

  • That makes sense, although some of the other biffos that GBH wrestled looked a bit weedy. It looks like I misunderstood a fundimental of ACE Trucking Co.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 3:05 pm  

  • Isn't Biffo a Bear?


    By Blogger Pete Ashton, at 4:25 pm  

  • Pete, in this context - no :-)

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 7:54 pm  

  • BIFFO or at least one variation thereof means Big Ignorant Fucker From Offaly which is a county in Ireland.

    By Blogger Dan Sullivan, at 12:41 am  

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