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Monday, November 12, 2007

Annual 1983

After years of disappointment, the annuals have now settled into a higher quality groove. Just take a look at that cover for starters. Having it drawn by an artist that we recognise from the weekly, Brian Bolland, instead of some painty-guy unfamiliar with the characters makes all the difference. The contents are pretty good as well. There are some nice stand alone strips featuring characters that are more in line with what is happening in the weekly right now. Overall, a pretty good stocking filler for Christmas morning, I imagine.

Alan Moore gets to write two of the strips, Ro-Busters and Rogue Trooper. At this point in time, Moore is really trying to give us value for money, packing the panels with lots of words. It’s an interesting contrast to the Alan Grant penned (using the pseudonym Staccato) Strontium Dog and Judge Dredd stories which are light to read but entertaining just the same.

Pat Mills scripts the origin of Blitzspear, Nemesis the Warlock’s ship, delightfully illustrated by Kevin O’Neill. My only problem with it is that, thanks perhaps to the binding, one of the double paged spreads is the type that you don’t realise is a double paged spreads until you get to the last panel. You can re-read it as it’s meant to be but what’s the point now? The impact of those pages is lost.

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