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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Prog 248

He might have drawn his last full strip for 2000 AD but art robot Brian Bolland still has some mopping up to do as this prog he draws this Mean Arena themed cover. Yes, Mean Arena is still droning on and even a Bolland cover can’t jazz up this thrill and God knows Tharg has tried. Matt Tallon, still aching to avenge the death of his brother who died somehow, now has a robot bodyguard who looks like a nine year old boy. The bodyguard doesn’t seem to hang out with Talon all of the time. Instead, he pops up at the exact moment that he is needed. In fact, the first time he appeared, I thought I must have slept through something important which, to be honest, is possible.

To be fair, The Mean Arena has improved considerably since it began all those years ago. It’s easier to follow now and the inclusion of teams designed by readers injects some vitally needed fun. A special mention should be made of art robot Mike White whose work is very good. On the surface, he seems something of a traditionalist but his art is packed with tidy detail and expression. Next time you’re flicking through your old progs, I recommend pausing for a proper look.

Also this prog, Tharg adds some clarity to the circumstances that led to art robot Ian Gibson standing in for Messimo Belardinelli on ACE Trucking Co. Apparently, communications between the Nerve Centre and Bellardinelli were down. In other words, 2000 AD lost his telephone number. Still, I’m glad that the situation has been clarified because, as you know, I concluded from previous Tharg remarks, incorrectly, that Belardinelli was ill.

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