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Friday, September 21, 2007

Prog 229

I’m beginning to think that script robot Tom Tully is making the rules up to Street Football as he’s going along. In this prog’s episode of The Mean Arena, Matt Tallon, AKA The Slayer, plays The Black Ace. This means if he scores during this game, he wins £250, 000, which is a lot of money for a professional footballer in 1981 but is probably the average wage in 2007 and, barring any unforeseen economic catastrophes, isn’t in 2025 when this thrill is set. Playing The Black Ace means that his team’s opponents can use their single-bullet-sniper to try and stop him from scoring. The Mean Arena isn’t quite so much a future mash up between rugby and football, it’s more like murder It’s a Knockout.

Tallon is attempting to placate his team mates who are understandably fed up with his obsessive vendetta against the players and officials he feels are responsible for his brother’s death. His intention is to spit the £250K between everyone in the team. This means, if you include all the substitutes, £25, 000 each. Ah, isn’t he nice.

Actually, after all of the griping I’ve made against The Mean Arena recently, this is the first episode that I’ve liked a bit, so it’s appropriate that it should end with an announcement that it isn’t due to continue until prog 234. Typical.

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