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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Prog 224

It’s August 8th 1981 and it’s my fourteenth birthday. Tharg seems to have made a bit of an effort for it as this prog sees the return of Judge Death and Strontium Dog (after a very short break). It’s a shame that I wasn’t going anywhere near to 2000 AD at this time. Considering the dreary years that lie ahead for me, I am much happier being forty which I turned in 2007. At least I can do things like buy entire runs of comics from eBay.

What I find interesting about 2000 AD now in comparison with when it began are how international many of the strips seem. A good example is Judge Dredd which is set in America but has a very British sense of satire. Meltdown Man’s lead, Nick Stone, might be an ex-SAS officer but there is little culturally in the thrill to identify it as being made over here. The Mean Arena (on a break this prog) might be set in the UK but the protagonist, Matt Tallon, is meant to be American. This all seems different to early strips such as MACH 1and Invasion which often felt as if they were scripted by the same people who wrote The Sweeny.

Becoming increasingly British, however, is Strontium Dog. Under Alan Grant, who I decided in a recent post is now the thrill’s principle script robot, Johnny Alpha’s world is being filled out with Scottish, Welsh and Geordie mutants with contemporary and authentic sounding accents. It’s part of what makes this thrill important to readers. It’s what helps to make Strontium Dog easier to identify with. It also helps to make the thrill the perfect compliment to Judge Dredd, by going to the places that the boundaries of that thrill prevent it from going to.

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  • Well, I suppose the Torso from Newcastle's parents might have had Geordie accents...

    I like the idea of mutant generals from all over Britain, but I really love the way, as Portrait unfolds, that any one of them could be the next to die. That's a very exciting story, and it's aged very well.

    By Blogger Grant, at 9:17 pm  

  • Grant, that Geodie accent thing is me bending the truth a bit for the sake of a point. It does stand up very well but all the Stront Dog stories published by 2000 AD that I have read for the slog so far do, I think.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 9:32 pm  

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

    By Blogger Jez, at 10:04 pm  

  • Paul, where you living in Great Britain's largest mutant ghetto at the time?

    When I moved down to Milton Keynes, I already had a certain fondness for the place (despite knowing nothing about it) because of Strontium Dog. Everyone in the ghetto seemed very nice, even if they did have an extra foot growing out of their head.

    By Blogger Jez, at 10:06 pm  

  • Jez, don't talk about my wife like that! It's not a foot; it's just a very big nose!

    I didn't move to the ghetto until April 1982. I'm looking forward to blogging about it except SD doesn't seem to have established MK as Europe's largest mutie ghetto yet.

    Great to hear from you, by the way.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 6:26 pm  

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