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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Prog 208

I've always been slightly perplexed by the idea that there have been 2000 AD creators who are happy for their work to go wrongly credited. Look at John Wagner for example; over the years he's been known as John Howard and T B Grover. To make things even more complicated, the pseudonym of T B Grover has also been used for strips co-written with Alan Grant. Also, it turns out (although I need to do some investigation into this), thrills credited to Alan Grant are also likely to have been co-written with John Wagner. It makes me want to go to sleep and rest my brain.

So imagine how my head feels trying to get around the rationale that art robot Ian Gibson has for all of his pseudonyms. This prog alone he uses Q Twerk for the Tharg story he draws and Emberton for Judge Dredd. How could Gibson, whose art style is distinctive and impossible to confuse with anyone else's, think for a moment that readers believe that these two strips are drawn by two separate creators? If you're a writer then you can perhaps get away with using various identities at any point in your career, but if you're an artist, then my advice is that you use the pseudonym from the beginning, like Jock did.

AMMENDMENT: In yesterday’s entry I made another of my bold statements, this time claiming that Warren Ellis has never worked for 2000 AD. Regular Slog commenter, drhoz, pointed out, quite correctly, that Ellis wrote Judge Strange, possibly for the Megazine. Of course, this doesn't make what I said wrong but it doesn't make it entirely right either.

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  • One reason, among a few, for the pen names was for the creators to avoid the scrutiny of IPC management who were concerned about John Wagner and Alan Grant writing almost everything in 2000 AD and Eagle for such a long time. You'll hit periods, like the one alexf is covering now on Dark Side of the Moon, where they're literally writing everything in the book other than Sooner or Later, but when the "writers" are listed as Rick Clark, The Beast, TB Grover, Grant Grover and Alan Grant, they were able to get away with what IPC didn't want them getting away with.

    By Blogger Grant, at 6:01 pm  

  • That makes sense, Grant. Because Wagner didn't do conventions, I always assumed it was down to modesty.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 12:44 pm  

  • I thought I read somewhere that Gibson used a pseudonym when he was disatisfied with his work.

    I think Carlos Esquerra used the monicker LJ Silver a couple of times too.

    By Blogger Crow, at 12:23 am  

  • Crow, may be. I'm fascinated by it all a bit too much, I think.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 12:24 pm  

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