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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Annual 1982

At the start of The Slog, when I first flicked through this annual, I was looking forward to blogging about it for the Judge Dredd story alone. It seemed to be a full colour tale drawn by art robot Brian Bolland that had never been reprinted. As you might remember, during the eighties, there was a very deliberate attempt to push the character into the American market which relied very much on reprinting Bolland drawn stories over and over again. Somehow, this one seemed to have slipped through the net. Since noticing the strip, it has, of course been reprinted in the Megazine, so there you go. And, thinking about it, I’m almost certain that it will have been reprinted at least once in a collection of strips from the annuals produced during the nineties. So, as a forgotten Bolland Judge Dredd thrill, it doesn’t quite work, but it does seem to have been overlooked in comparison with others.

The Ro-Busters thrill, Bax the Burner, I always remember because of the way that it was repackaged for the Americans in Sam Slade Robohunter number 6. By 1987, script writer, Alan Moore, was a comic superstar and his back catalogue was being trawled by opportunistic publishers for reprinting. In the annual, it’s a modest but entertaining six pages long, but for the American styled reprint, it’s mutilated, re-pasted and stretched out to an amazing nineteen. Steve Dillon’s artwork looks as if it’s been reproduced larger than when it was originally drawn and Tom Frame’s lettering; one page it’s small, the next it’s big. It takes about five minutes to read the nineteen pages, which is about how long it takes to read most modern mainstream comics.

Finally, in an interview conducted with script robot Alan Grant, we learn that John Wagner does “collaborate” with him on Strontium Dog. To me, this means, that I am right to consider Grant the head writer of the strip but Wagner’s role shouldn’t, at this stage in The Slog, be underrated.

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  • goddam you, Dez Skinn!

    streching 5 pages to 19?????

    *sighs* not as bad as the Dredd reprints where they cut out entire pages.. *sighs*

    By Blogger Drhoz, at 11:00 am  

  • drhoz, they cut pages? I never knew that! Shocking.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 1:11 pm  

  • or example, they cut out at LEAST a page of The Hitman, as he's passing out from bloodloss, and thinking about how a guy who loves his pet rat can't be ALL bad... and cut straight to a cropped panel of the explosion as he plows into traffic.

    By Blogger Drhoz, at 2:17 am  

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