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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Prog 198

I might have had a break from The Slog but I'm still having the same problems with the same thrills I was having before I went away. The Mean Arena still reads like a Monday morning to me and Meltdown Man like a fever dream.

Before I went away, I was reticent about commenting on Return to Armageddon in case you thought that I was just being awkward but I'm still not getting it. So far, as far as I can tell, the crew of a space craft defrost the corpse of an alien that looks a bit like Satan might. They then clone the alien into one good toddler and one bad toddler. One or both of these kids have their growth accelerated (I can't remember). Someone, it might be the good clone (I can't remember) who knows everything is severely disfigured in an attempt to prevent him from being taken seriously whenever he tries to warn people about the evil clone. This episode ends with a space man taking his helmet off to reveal himself as some character that I'm supposed to recognise.

The problem might be me. I guess that I'm just not trying hard enough to enjoy it. I mean, Jesus Redondo's art is great so it shouldn't be an effort for me to like the strip. It could be that this is the tale of how a burden, or an idea, moves from person to another but the plot seems to be meandering all over the place to me. It doesn't help that, in the same comic, there are more naturally paced strips appearing written by script robots like Alan Grant and John Wagner. Anyone's script is going to have a hard time competing. It might be that there are a lot of stodgy strips appearing currently and so my tolerance for Return to Armageddon is thin. Whatever the reason, it's not really working for me. Sorry.

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