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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Prog 184

Another enjoyable Ro-Jaws Robo Tale called Night of the Warewolf, this time. The city’s mayor has his brain transplanted to a robot body. Before he wakes up from the operation, crooks re-transplant his brain to a cheaper, non-silver robot body. But what none of them know is that the mayor is a warewolf and the artificial body doesn’t stop his transformation. Okay, I don’t make it sound particularly good but I enjoyed it.

Art robot Dave Gibbons, no longer in possession of a regular 2000 AD gig, draws it. I think this is around the time that he’s been drawing the main strip for Doctor Who Weekly. Marvel UK’s Doctor Who comic was a place that many creator robots did work including Pat Mills, John Wagner, Steve Dillon and Alan Moore. But I think it had an extra appeal to UK based writers and artists because the original intent was for the material there to be repackaged immediately for the US market. Much of it eventually was but it took some time to materialise and maintained a modest profile. Repackaging plans were confounded even further when, due to disappointing sales and budget problems, Doctor Who Weekly turned monthly and dropped the quantity of its comic strip content.

It’s script robot Gary Rice who interests me a lot at the moment. He’s been writing many Future Shock styled thrills recently. Writers such as Tom Tully and Gerry Finley-Day are more easily remembered yet, I would say, that Rice’s scripts seem more in line with the quality and tone of the higher profile 2000 AD strips. According to official site
http://www.2000adonline.com/, Rice’s 2000 AD career began with prog 82 and ends in prog 211. I’m fascinated to know why he stopped producing scripts for 2000 AD and what other comic work he might have produced. Just to satisfy my curiosity, you understand.

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  • ah yes, the Meep

    By Blogger Drhoz, at 3:49 am  

  • Wasn't The Iron Legion based on a script proposal written for the TV series by Mills and Wagner?
    Loved Dr Who weekly. Had some nice back-up strips by David Lloyd, Paul Neary and Steve Dillon. Weren't they mainly written by Alan and Steve Moore?

    By Blogger Crow, at 9:35 am  

  • drhoz, the meep?! I forgot about the meep!

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 12:24 pm  

  • Crow, I don't know about The Iron Legion but I do remember hearing stories of Mills attempting to sell ideas to the show. Ironically, I think that his and Wagner's comic work of this period informs the Doctor Who show of today.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 12:26 pm  

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