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Monday, July 30, 2007

Prog 179

It seems that no sooner do I make a statement in print that something comes along to contradict it. On this occasion, it was my statement in a previous Slog entry that the planned "Comic Rock" series began and finished with Going Underground by The Jam. In fact, it finished this prog with the Killer Watts album. How do you go from Going Underground, which I recently heard playing on the juke box in The Rover's Return on Coronation Street twenty seven years after it got to number one, to Killer Watts, which even Google has hardly heard of?

This episode of Nemesis the Warlock is as good as the first and seems to feature a high-speed chase thorough the hollowed out planet Termite's communication network. Nemesis's return lacks the ceremony that the character’s first appearance had as this story seems to be a single seven paged thrill split by Tharg into two parts to fill space.

Meanwhile, elsewhere this prog, art robot Kevin O'Neill seems to be wasting his time drawing the Flash Gordon satire, Dash Decent, when he could be working on the getting the first full Nemesis series finished. Two episodes in and already we're being told the thrill will be back in two weeks time. Exactly the same thing happened to single paged funny strip Captain Klep when he joined 2000 AD and look what happened there.

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