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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Prog 171

While reading each Nerve Centre, I've been on the look out for celebrity names for my Before They Were Famous files (stored entirely inside my head). Already, I've noticed a letter from an Earthlet who could be comedian Simon Day asking Tharg about humour on his home planet. This prog, I read this:

"Dear Tharg

These are all the stories that have appeared in 2000 AD from prog 1 - 163 and the full number of pages they have run. I have counted them all."

There then follows a list of all the strips and associated quantity of pages.

"Earthlet Simon Pegg, Mansfield. £3 winner."

I love the idea that this is from the same Simon Pegg who goes on to make Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, and becomes a 2000 AD creator robot himself, albeit for a short while. "Ha ha ha. Big shot comedian turned Hollywood star counted all the pages to all the strips in 2000 AD between issues 1 and 163! What a loser!"

This is Tharg's reply; "Thank you, Earthlet. You've obviously put a lot of work into this list. However, the same could have been obtained by pressing the third button down on the right-hand panel of my awesome computer, and in mere seconds, too." Sounds like Tharg's computer might be running a beta version of Windows Vista to me. (Queue self satisfied chuckling).

One of the fantasies I had when I read American comics would be that I was an editor for their UK division. I would divide each comic into fours for what would be the imaginary weekly reprints. I would also do the same for 2000 AD strips but in reverse. It's a daydream that I felt enriched the comic reading experience. The thing is, I am in no position to laugh at Simon Pegg, celebrity or real person, for counting all those pages because, now, entrenched in The Slog as I am, a weird behavior in itself, I find myself still indulging that daydream to an extent. My imaginary American edition of Judge Dredd is currently up to issue 37.

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  • The Simon Pegg who wrote the letter in the prog is not the same Simon Pegg who is a comedic actor. The famous Simon Pegg is from Gloucester not Mansfield.

    By Blogger garageman, at 9:09 pm  

  • Garageman, I thought so. I looked up comedic Pegg on internet and that came back with him growwing up in Gloucester too. Still, never let the odds stand in the way of a blog entry, that's what I say.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 3:34 pm  

  • That's a shame if that isn't Simon Pegg, it should be. Ironically I had my own very anal comic analysis that I liked to do with strips - count how many panels each character occurred. I did this primarily in 'team' strips, with the weird logic that, if the strip were a film/TV programme, who would get top billing. I know. Crazy. Still, I totally get where you're coming from the Judge Dredd translating into US comic thing. It took me years to realise that the Marvel UK comics had spliced their American cousins' comics into pieces for inclusion in their comics.

    Anal footnote - I did my panel counting thing in Watchmen years ago. Rorschach gets most panels (and therefore should get top billing in the film) :)

    By Blogger dmstarz, at 8:03 pm  

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