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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Annual 1981

I've jumped ahead slightly in the prog order because I have reached an issue in The Slog that turns out to be missing. Don't worry, it's on its way to me from eBay, but to keep the blog moving I thought I could read the 1981 annual. I was halfway through it that it occurred to me that reading the next Sci-Fi special might have been more appropriate from a chronological point of view.

Even thought there is nothing to indicate that the budget has increased, this year's annual is a definate improvement on last year's. To begin with, the cover features characters that we recognise from the comic which is a step in the right direction; none of this painty nonsense meant to recreate the feeling of a cheap science fiction paper back. Inside, there is the usual high number of Future Shocks, reprints and two colour pages. There is also a high ratio of text stories this time around but at least they either star characters we know or have accompanying illustrations by artists we recognise.

There is a sense that the editorial duties haven't been entirely outsourced this time. For example, many of the features referance characters that we know from the weekly. I can imagine opening this up on Christmas morning at my grandparents' house, miles away from my comic collection, and it tiding me over quite happily until I get home. Definately the best annual of the lot so far but still below par.

As it happens, I used to own this annual. My favourite feature in it was an article on how an issue of 2000 AD is put together. In it was printed a sample page of script to Judge Dredd. Years later, it was this that I would refer to when writing all those unsolicted Future Shocks that got so cruely rejected.

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