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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Prog 145

This prog sees the last episode of the current run of The Mind of Wolfie Smith. If you're interested, it was a strip that I remember enjoying first time around (despite missing several episodes) but this time found hard work getting into.

Teenager Wolfie Smith has ESP and as a result wanders around the UK having all manor of supernatural styled adventures thanks to powers that you would think normally to be a blessing but are, actually, a burden. In the last story, he helps out on the set of a horror movie which doesn't appear to have a script as when the real hauntings and murders start the director continues to shoot anyway shouting things like, "great imporv" etcetera.

As a young reader, I think Smith walking around, homeless, having to survive moodily on his wits, really must have a appealed to me. As an adult, seeing this cocky sixteen year old blag his way into a job on a movie and into the affections of one of its sexy stars who seems to spend all of her time walking around in a bikini top just got on my nerves.



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