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Monday, June 25, 2007

Prog 136

Obviously, the drop in paper quality was out of the control of the editors of 2000 AD and has annoyed the hell out of them. This prog, Tharg apologises to a reader who has sent in a photograph of a stuffed gronk that they have made for not being able to reproduce it but awards them three pounds anyway. It’s fun to see Tharg the Mighty’s personality slip slightly so that the real editors can make a sarcastic remark about the rubbish paper. Not that it makes a difference as the poor paper stays for several hundred progs more.

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  • That was my mother who made that Gronk :) She was a freelance soft-toy designer who did a lot of work for IPC magazines, and I had fallen in love with Gronk and wanted one to cuddle (I was ten :) so she duly made one for me and then sent in a picture for Tharg's comments. I remember her exclaiming "Earthlet?!" when I showed her the issue a while later.

    ~ Gil

    By Blogger Gil, at 9:59 pm  

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