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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Prog 133

Reaction to the amalgamation of 2000 AD and Tornado appears in this prog's Nerve Centre with opinion split pretty much evenly between the three pound winning positives and the truth telling negatives. The great thing about the letters pages at this time was that, no matter how scathing the mail might have got on occasions, Tharg always responded with dignity and wit.

Of the three strips that came over with Tornado, only The Mind of Wolfie Smith is approaching standard, I would say. Blackhawk suffers from having had a science fiction theme crow barred into it. Previously, the character was a roman slave who fought in the arenas but now, for the amalgamation, he's been abducted by aliens and is fighting for their entertainment in space. Every episode feels too similar to each other and the strip suffers from inconsistent art. The fact that two weeks into the amalgamation Blackhawk was dropped for an issue suggests a lack of faith in the strip by even the editors.

The other strip to move over was Captain Klep, a single page Superman spoof that only makes publication if not enough advertising is sold that week, which implies that it is rated even lower than Blackhawk. Captain Klep is totally out of tone in 2000 AD. In fact, it would be more at place in Cor or Whizzer and Chips.

The amalgamation with Star Lord proved to be beneficial to 2000 AD, what with its strips contributing to the longevity of the weekly. The joining with Tornado proved to be period of turbulence for everyone, which might explain why no other amalgamations ever took place.

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  • This prog has my name in! I won a competition for the X-ploratron toys and there it is in print.
    Boy was I excited!

    By Blogger Ben, at 11:03 am  

  • Wicked! I'll have a look later, Ben.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 3:39 pm  

  • Blackhawk gets better as I remember, a lot darker and more twisted when he loses his soul (to the soulsucker, natch) and gets pulled through a black hole. I remember finding it disconcertingly bizarre at times when I was a kid. Be interesting to see if it still stands up...

    By Blogger mat_tait, at 2:02 am  

  • I think that you might be right, Mat. I notice that Belardinelli becomes the regular artist, which must be a help.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 9:41 am  

  • I do recall that the Wolfie Smith stories in 2000AD, whilst in a similar vein to his Tornado stories, were considerably darker. Alas, I don't think the character was well loved, well, at least beyond my front door anyway.

    By Blogger dmstarz, at 1:50 pm  

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