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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Prog 127

I feel slightly aggrieved. Last prog saw the end of the current run of Dan Dare, again thanks to amalgamation and again mid story, only this time, it never returns. I remember writing in The Slog before about how cleverly stories in Star Lord were wrapped up in time for it’s untimely finish but this isn’t the case this time around from 2000 AD’s point of view. For years I wondered what happened in the end of the strip and it turns out that, after all of the investment I’ve made, there is absolutely no pay off at all.

The person most noticeably affected by the end of Tornado and it’s joining together with 2000 AD is Dare art robot Dave Gibbons. Not only has the strip that he has drawn for pretty much two years come to a premature stop, the comic he was the editor of has been cancelled too. Okay, he wasn’t really the editor of Tornado but he posed for the photographs dressed as Big E, the comic’s fictional superhero editor. Drawing the first cover to the amalgamation just seems like rubbing his nose in it to me.

Not so long ago, I saw Dave Gibbons walking around a comic convention and I had to do a double take because, for a moment, I thought he was eighties funny man, Ben Elton. If you’ve never seen photographs of Dave Gibbons dressed up as Big E then just imagine Ben Elton in a superhero suit and you might have some idea as to how un-heroic he looked even to an impressionable eleven year old me.

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  • I remember Big E very well. Had no idea at the time of course that this was Dave Gibbons, aka Dave 'Watchmen' Gibbons. Someone should let Zack Snyder know so that we can have a poster of Big E inserted into the background of the Watchmen film. Since Watchmen is set in 1985, that's not too far off Big E's timeframe anyway :)

    By Blogger dmstarz, at 1:39 pm  

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