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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Prog 115

Although I have been reading all of the Nerve Centres and readers letters included therein as part of The Slog, I have decided not to make a conscious effort to identify fan art or mail from future contributors to 2000 AD. However, I couldn't help but notice this piece by Kevin Hopgood included in today's prog.

Many future comic stars seemed to have sent reader art or mail to the Nerve Centre when they were younger, including Colin MacNeil (prog 121), Shakey Kane (prog 126) and Philip Bond (prog 139). Writer Warren Ellis seems to have been a frequent correspondent, although he is not a creator that I associate with 2000 AD.

Film director Danny Cannon had artwork published in the Nerve Centre when he was young. When it was announced that he was to direct the 1995 Judge Dredd movie, those of us who were readers of the strip felt assured by this knowledge, even when pre-publicity shots of the character had him strutting around without his helmet on (a definite character no no). Obviously, just seeing the film rent that assurance asunder.

Personally, I'm more interested to watch for celebrity names there. Many progs back, I noticed a letter sent in by a Simon Day. He asked Tharg if they had jokes on his home planet. I decided that this is the same Simon Day who went on to star in The Fast Show and currently appears in the adverts for Powergen just before the ITV weather reports.

Thanks to http://www.2000ad.nu/classof79/letters/green_dude.htm which I found helpful in producing today's entry.

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