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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Star Lord 19

I found myself thinking while reading this issue that there is absolutely no indication that in less than a month Star Lord as we know it will be no more. It's like spending time with someone that you know is about to die and not being able to tell them. Okay, it isn't, but it is vaguely like reading a story where a character that you are very fond of is destined to kick the bucket shortly.

I also thought about the covers. The paper quality and cover design of 2000 AD is more in line with that of most UK comics at the time, which is pretty lo-fi. Star Lord has a higher paper quality and fully painted covers weather that fits the tone of the strip that it is referring to or not. They reminded me at the time of the science fiction novels that my dad had on his bookshelves. I remember once asking him when he thought I would be old enough to read his John Carter: Warlord of Mars books and he replied, "fourteen" with such confidence that I felt that age must have been proven in science labs. I think that this is another reason why I didn't buy Star Lord at the time; I wasn't yet fourteen years old yet.


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