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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Prog 97

There was a moment while reading Flesh II a couple of episodes back where I thought that I was actually exposing myself to an astute satire of the food industry of the 1970s and that the strip wasn't just about rampaging dinosaurs with pea sized brains scooping up cowboys by the dozen with their mouths, after all. It was the moment where the plantation boss decides to punish his unruly staff by limiting the number of lumps of meat per portion of stew from ten to eight.

My memory of food during the seventies is that there were two types of pies; meat and non-meat. We didn't necessarily know what type of meat there was in the meat pie and given the amount of sawdust and toenail clippings that probably went into the mix there might not have been any at all. Ironically, the non-meat pie couldn't be guaranteed to be meat free and therefore was likely to contain it. When we were fed pork chops, my dad ate every, last piece of it (except for the bone, of course). When I cut off the rind of fat he would usually say, "but there's still meat on that", take it from my plate and guzzle it down his throat like a hungry baby bird

The seventies must have been filled with a lot of people like my dad, who had lived through years of rationing and were now enjoying the relative abundance of meat. It didn't matter how it got to their plate. To them, vegetarianism was a was a faddish phase experienced by spoilt, middle class hippies whose parents probably had access to pork chops throughout the war years anyway.

I wonder if a modern Flesh strip would have the food standards agency criticizing Transtime for the human flesh, clothes, and boots found in their dinosaur meat products. Or a twenty third centaury Gordon Ramsey swearing poshly as he gets chewed up by a Tyrannosaurus Rex during a visit to a plant in the Jurassic period for the TV programme The Great Dinosaur Menu.

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