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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Prog 96

Having drawn the majority of The Cursed Earth story, art droid Mick McMahon's page rate seems to have slowed down slightly to every other episode of The Day The Law Died, the current Judge Dredd epic. Still, in comparison with most of his peers and the rate at which his comic work appears in 2007, he is still alarmingly prolific.

We are currently experiencing what I think of as the second age of McMahon. After starting his Judge Dredd career being told to mimic the style of Carlos Ezquerra (the first age), he is now drawing in very much his own way. Each page is a wonder a to look at. His work seems both spontaneous and considered; despite his rate, nothing looks to be drawn in haste but it all has the feel of having been put straight down onto the page. I could quite happily look at the full page illustration of the citizens of Mega City One walking out into The Cursed Earth for hours, if I didn't have another one thousand and five PLUS annuals and specials to get through for The Slog. No one draws a smoldering ruin, a collapsed wall, a city skyline or a spiritually beaten crowd like Mick McMahon.

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    I don't think you've got to McMahon's bunny rabbit shoes yet. A true high point - and predicts current novelty shoes quite well. Hey, we've got bunny rabbit slippers around 70 years ahead of Mega City One!
    Joking aside - keep an eye on McMahon. If you're amazed at his work now just you wait for Blockmania.
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    By Blogger Ken Davidson, at 7:53 pm  

  • McMahon was a god, wasn't he? I don't think I'd "got" him by this stage, though - it wasn't until he started drawing Slaine that I really fell in love with his work. At this point I think I was probably wondering why he couldn't draw as "neatly" as Dave Gibbons or Brian Bolland. From my adult perspective, good as Bolland and Gibbons were, it's McMahon and O'Neill who were the stars of 2000AD.


    By Blogger nicknack009, at 9:30 pm  

  • Though I preferred Bolland as a kid, McMahon totally intrigued me and I spent a lot of time imitating his style and copying his drawings in order to, I dunno really, see how he could draw so messily and yet look so cool. It totally perplexed me at the time.
    His Slaine work was some of his best, still a fair way off in the future. O'Neill's best work is also yet to come I think, in Nemesis book 3.

    By Blogger mat_tait, at 10:53 pm  

  • I never really like some of McMahon's later Slaine work - where he opted for hatching instead of solid blacks. I think he jumped the shark at that point. For me the time of Blockmania was the highpoint - he'd got Dredd's helmet (ahem) to where he wanted it, a long drawn-out process that began during the Cursed Earth saga. And continued with flamboyant vigour by McCarthy years later...

    Bolland: as a kid I rated him above McMahon until a mate pointed out that he drew Dredd's boots like swollen sausages. Put me right off.

    Dredd's uniform: a litmus test for comic artist skill?

    By Blogger Ken Davidson, at 9:02 am  

  • There was an allure to McMahon's work that to me felt similar to the work of 'the greats' such as Kirby and Ditko. I think of him as the forgotten, British version of those silver age artists.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 3:15 pm  

  • yeah, his initial Slaine work I didn't like so much , but by the time of Sky Chariots(?) he was happening (and filling in the blacks again! I suspect even he knew it wasn't working).

    By Blogger mat_tait, at 4:59 am  

  • and then he disappeared...

    By Blogger mat_tait, at 5:03 am  

  • Did you see him on Dredd in this week's prog? Magic!

    By Blogger paddybrown, at 11:34 pm  

  • I remember this prog and wondering why Harry Angel's face on the cover was obscured by the headrest hankie. Mibbe the cover artist still didn't know what the character was gonna look like? Actually apart from this and computer circuity on his shoulder (MACH 1 clone?) I don't remember anything about the strip.

    By Blogger Stavros, at 5:19 pm  

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