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Friday, May 18, 2007

Prog 92

The amalgamation of Star Lord into 2000 AD has been the cause of anxiety for some readers. In this prog’s Nerve Centre, Earthlets Richard Turner and Kenneth Robertson have written to Tharg asking when Robo-Hunter and Dan Dare will return, both of these thrills having stopped on cliff hangers a couple of months ago.

To make things even more bewildering to us all is that the ad to comic strip ratio has increased meaning that the average number of thrills per prog has dropped from five to four. Nine of this issue’s thirty two pages are non-comic strip, four of those are editorial and another four are paid for advertisements. This means that even though it was probably possible to squeeze either Robo-Hunter or Dan Dare into the comic, Tharg for some reason (probably financial) has chosen not to. Somebody somewhere must be cross about this.

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