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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Prog 90

Another thing about the amalgamation is that as well as having to decide which strips are to survive the process Tharg also had to choose which creator droids did too. This prog’s Future Shocks strip is drawn by Carlos Pino. Art Robot Pino drew the majority of Ro-Busters when it ran in Star Lord but since the strip moved over to its new home, the art for it has been split between artists that you would associate more with 2000 AD; young upstarts such as Dave Gibbons and Kevin O’Neill.

This process has reminded me of what was behind 2000 AD’s success at the time which was to place emphasis on a tighter, younger group of creator droids whereas Star Lord had more a traditional feel to it. If 2000 AD had embraced more heartily the more institutionalised looking creators from its sister comic it would have resulted in a less focused, more wishy-washy title. Basically, it would have ended up being a lot less punk.

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