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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Prog 88

There are a couple of things that I think are interesting about this prog’s Ro-Busters story. I think that this episode might be the first to be fully drawn by Kevin O’Neill. Art Droid O’Neill is the artist that I most associate with 2000 AD robot strips from around this time although given the number of other artists who I have seen draw Ro-Busters so far as part of The Slog I find myself wondering why I would think this. Obviously, this is down to his distinctive style. His clean, fresh, draughtsmanship lends itself more to drawing machinery than to people.

This episode also references the Volgans, the republic responsible for invading Britain in the Invasion strip. I’ve already talked about 2000 AD’s flirting with the enclosed universe, but this struck me as interesting because it raises a question. As Ro-Busters has recently transferred over with Star Lord, was it the intention for the strips from the two comics to exist in the same, single universe? Or, is this a very quick reaction to amalgamate Ro-Busters into 2000 AD more completely?


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