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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Star Lord 2

Unlike 2000 AD's Death Planet, which seems a bit like a day trip to Chessington World of Adventure, Planet of the Damned actually appears to be more of a dangerous place. I have only read two episodes so far and already the stranded group has been attacked by the venom spraying natives, drank water that is actually poisonous and were caught in a shower that strips people to the bone.

I had almost forgotten how exotic the Bermuda Triangle seemed to many of us during the seventies. I love it that the strip's narrating voice explains that popular scientific theory at the time has these missing vessels and airplanes passing through a rip in time and space and ending up on an alternate Earth. What is the main theory in 2007? They all just sunk to the bottom of the sea? We all just got a bit confused and no ships or planes disappeared after all?

When the passengers and crew of the missing airplane first arrive on the Planet of the Damned, of all the people amongst them, it’s a writer of science fiction books who assumes the role of leader. Apparently, even though he has only a passing knowledge of science (otherwise he would be a scientist, wouldn’t he) and is in no way an outdoors type, he is the best equipped to cope with them now being in another dimension. But when he shouts the word "Solarific!", it being the catchphrase of one of his characters, even the nerdiest of the survivors must have started to doubt that he should be a science fiction writer let alone the one to make the decisions for them all.


  • I loved Planet of the Damned, which I read years after Star Lord came out, because a friend gave me his comic collection. It was really, really dark for its time. As Paul says, the main character is a writer, though this was unclear in the earliest episodes, where characters such as the captain looked like they could be the alpha male (until a bloke who looks like Ka-Zar turns up). It was good writing to set this up and then ruthlessly dispose of the captain very early on in the strip. The raison d-etre of Planet of the Damned, I think, was to outgore Flesh in its weekly body count.

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