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Friday, April 27, 2007

Star Lord 10

(Well, I think it's number 10. It could be number eleven. I'm not entirely sure. This is because it wasn't common practice for British comics to be numbered at the time. In fact, I'm sure that 2000 AD's programme numbering policy was one of the rare exceptions.)

Planet of the Damned ends this issue. Many of the differently era-ed factions climb aboard the jet deserted in the first episode nine, ten or eleven weeks ago, reverse the polarity of something and get sucked back up through a vortex to home. After all the danger and excitement of the last few weeks, it's a surprise to see the return wrapped up in a single panel. If it were these days, we would be exposed to several more episodes of extended recollection and character reconciliation.

Or maybe all this is still to come. I haven't read Star Lord before and know very little about it really. How do I know that there isn't a sequel where the World War Two squadrons and the eighteenth centaury pirates continue their feud in in late seventies Miami?


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