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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sci-fi Special 1978

It seems that now, 1978, the Summer Special, now renamed the Sci-fi Special, is the place that all of the slower creators get to see their work in print. Gary Leach both writes and draws the Dan Dare strip here. Anyone who remembers waiting months between "monthly" episodes of Marvel Man in Warrior magazine will know that Leach's work rate is as if he draws through treacle. Even seven paged episodes seemed too much for him, which is why he was replaced by Alan Davis, I imagine.

With both Dan Dare and Judge Dredd established as the most recognisable characters from the weekly, it's interesting to see a more "super cover" styled, generic painting for the front by Kevin O'Neill. He also draws the best strip here, an episode of MACH Zero.
My understanding has always been that typically, British comic creators weren't credited properly for their work until 2000 AD, which is why it's a surprise to see so many creators using pseudonyms around this time when, I would have thought, they would have been crying out for some attention. Brendan McCarthy uses "Subliminal Kid" to draw Judge Dredd with. McCarthy, in case you're interested, is one of those artists who draws a larger Walter the Wobot which just stops short of drifting into the man/baby look for the character that I have talked about before.


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