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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Prog 84

I didn't mention that a few progs after his run in with Ronald MacDonald in The Cursed Earth, Judge Dredd also had a scrap with the Niblet's sweet corn mascot, Green Giant. I don't know which episode might have inspired which, if one did indeed inspire the other at all. Given the close proximity of their original (and only) printings, and the second tale being drawn by the slower art droid Brian Bolland, it's difficult to tell.

Fans of Judge Dredd must have been ecstatic this prog. Not only does his story run to eight pages but there is also a Walter the Wobot tale and a half page Cursed Earth interlude where Dredd and Rotten meet the real Green Giant. I wasn't aware of this ever existing before now. Here the characters clarify that their previous encounter was with what only looked like the Green Giant from the adverts and not the real thing and, incidentally, their product is great.

As I continue the slog, I wonder if I am going to encounter a similar styled strip reassuring us that the Ronald MacDonald Dredd met recently is, in no way, the same character who functions as a mascot for the fast food restaurant of the same name and that the strip was meant only as a satire, just in case we weren't sure.

It is illuminating, I think, if this clarification of the authenticity of The Green Giant is the only one of it's type to appear given the intensity of mascots satired in such a short space of time by the comic. I also think that it's interesting that one of the two main 2000 AD characters to appear in the interlude, Spikes Harvey Rotten, is shot to pieces a few pages later in the main strip.

Ho ho ho.


  • The second Green Giant strip did indeed come about after General Mills threatened legal action over the "Giants Aren't Gentleman" strip, which painted their company mascot in a less than flattering light. So the "Cursed Earth Supplement" was included to stop IPC getting sued, basically.

    Consequently, IPC put the nix on "Burger Barons" as a precaution, although as far as I'm aware neither Burger King or McDonalds ever made any complaints about it.

    By Blogger Phil_A, at 7:13 pm  

  • Cheers Phil.

    By Blogger Paul Rainey, at 3:53 pm  

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