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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Summer Special 1977

All of the strips that you would associate with very early 2000 AD are represented in the Summer Special of 1977 (MACH 1, Flesh, Dan Dare, Harlem Heroes, Invasion and Judge Dredd) except they have been produced by creative teams slightly inferior to those that worked on the weekly versions. The only exception is the Judge Dredd strip which is drawn by Kevin O'Neill. It looks wonderful. O'Neill also paints the cover, which seems to be keeping in the spirit of the 'Super Cover' series from not so long ago that I originally enjoyed but was glad to see the back of by the end.

There's a good percentage of originated material for a Summer Special and the typical goofy article you would expect from science fiction paper of this period. Apparently, if I manage to live for another 50, 000 years I should fit into society more effectively as everyone will almost certainly be bald according to What Will We Look Like in 52, 000 AD. The organisation for which I work must employ super evolved staff as, I would say, that eighty percent of the men there fit this description of what our descendants are going to look like.

It's the summer of 1977 in the United Kingdom. Everyone over the age of twenty is terrified of punk rockers and everyone under thirteen is waiting for Star Wars to be released. It wouldn't be a summer special without two pages about Star Wars. Interestingly, 2000 AD started because the publishers at IPC wanted to cash in on the science fiction craze that they anticipated in the wake of the movie. The comic began publication during February 1977 but the film wasn't released in the UK until late that same year. Given the length of time that preparing a new weekly comic in advance of the first edition must require, we would have been exposed to the Star Wars pre-publicity for around a year before it actually appeared in our cinemas. All I'm trying to say is that Lucasfilm is very lucky that file sharing wasn't around then.


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