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Friday, March 30, 2007

Prog 69

I feel that at this point in The Slog I should tell you what I was doing at around this time. Although I bought Prog 1 when it was first published, I didn't initially stick around for long after. In fact, I managed until about Prog 3 before being distracted by some Marvel UK comic or other. When Prog 20 came out, I swapped a pile of early Mighty World of Marvels with John Flaherty for the first twenty issues of 2000 AD. My plan was to pretend that I had never been away and see if I could get a complete set of the comic, or a good run of it at least.

When I went to put my recently acquired 2000 ADs into my cupboard, the OCD aspect of my personality that, let's face it, all young comic readers have to some degree, took over and I was frustrated that they were a good inch wider than all the Marvel UK titles I owned. After cutting them down in size I realised it wasn't just border that had been trimmed away but strip as well. I declared the operation a failure and threw them away. My disappointment was too great and I didn't buy 2000 AD for at least eighteen months after that.

So, this part of The Slog is proving to be quite good fun for me. Although I read most of these tales a few years later when they were reprinted in colour, most of everything else I'm experiencing for the first time. This includes the hyperactive but fun runs of Dan Dare and Inferno.


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