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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Prog 56

You would have thought that if there were such a thing as a robot car with an ethics circuit that there would be a back up to it in case of failure or access to it would be limited to an administrator account that only the manufacturer would have the password to. In the Judge Dredd story that finishes this issue, all Dave Paton has to do to cause this critical function to fail resulting in his car, Elvis, to go on a four prog long killing spree is to pop under the bonnet and accidentally drop a spanner onto the circuit. (Incidentally, I used to work with a Dave Paton during the late eighties/early nineties. Eerily, the character in the strip looks exactly as he did the last time I saw him). All it seems to have taken my down stair's neighbour to bypass his ethics circuit is to reverse his car into mine and then claim that the damage he caused to it occurred after he hit me! Over £700 it's going to cost me to have it repaired if his insurers don't accept liability!

After running over several people inside a shopping mall (I imagine that this isn't an uncommon occurrence in America), Elvis, using his robotic arms, removes the ethical circuits of a bunch of other cars so that he has some companionship on his murder spree. It's the sort of car manufacturer negligence that puts the recent dodgy-fuel-placing-hundreds-of-vehicles-off-the-road incident into perspective. Well, it would if Elvis had really happened.


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