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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Prog 49

Poor old Peter Silk. After nearly a year of unwavering loyalty to Bill Savage in Invasion, he gets pulled down from a ship's mast by a dirty Russian, I mean, Volgan double agent and dies a sack of broken bones and organs on the deck of a ship. I feel sorry for the guy. I'm sure that the character was only created in the first place so that Savage had someone to talk to other than his shot gun which, let's face it, would have made him slightly too mad and unsympathetic to the readers. In fact, when the last surviving member of the royal family told Silk that the shot gun was Savage's SECOND best friend after him, well, his death two pages later was inevitable.

I see the relationship between Silk and Savage as symbolic of my relationship with the large organisation that I work for, Silk being me and Savage being the organisation. I fully expect to end up lying on the deck of a ship, smashed to death, under appreciated and soon to be forgotten by the employer I love. (Except, I'm not actually that loyal to anything let alone my place of work as, at the first sign of trouble, I'm away faster than a boy racer at a roundabout. And, I don't even like the company that I work for let alone love it. Apart from that, and not having a blonde mustache, my analogy stands.)

A prerequisite for a good 2000 AD story is not just the avoidance of sentimentality but almost a celebration of its absolute opposite. Poor old Peter Silk doesn't have a hero's funeral with members of the resistance quietly dabbing handkerchiefs to their eyes standing in silhouette under trees on the horizon. Instead, the dirty Volg takes one end of the body, Savage takes the other, and Silk receives a "burial at sea" by being tossed overboard.


  • I always liked Peter Silk. If he survived until the recent Savage reappearance, the homoerotic undertones between him and Bill would have been hard to resist. But, despite the ultraviolence, these were more innocent days...

    By Blogger dmstarz, at 1:56 pm  

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