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Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Although I’m still reading through all of my Christmas presents and their spin offs (I expect to return to updating this blog regularly in a week or two, Prog Slog fans), I couldn’t let this week end without wishing 2000 AD a happy thirtieth birthday.

I was looking forward to writing about the anniversary issue here but this intention has been scuppered by this week’s prog being sent to newsagents shrink-wrapped. Although I am happy to stand in WH Smith's reading their magazines without buying them, I draw the line at splitting open a shrink-wrapped publication. This is why months can pass by without me getting to flick through an issue of SFX. Historically, in Milton Keynes, there has been a mystery person with less shame than me willing to break these magazines open, so it was always worth me checking out the shelves every time I was visiting the City Centre. But he seems to be long gone now as I haven’t seen a cracked open SFX for months.

Anyway, although the cover by Philip Bond is very nice, it doesn’t really commemorate the rich range of characters that have appeared in the comic over the last thirty years. The 2000 AD website lists the strips inside the anniversary issue and, apart from a new Flesh strip, they look a little under whelming to me. I mean, even the Judge Dredd strip isn’t written by John Wagner, for God’s sake. Over all, based upon my limited access to it, a very disappointing experience.


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