2000 AD Prog Slog

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Christmas reading update

This is just an update on how my Christmas reading is going and when you can expect me to return to continuing the 2000 AD prog slog blog. So far, Ode to Kirihito has been my favourite book although they have all been very good. Currently, I am re-reading books one and two of Barefoot Gen published by Penguin twenty years ago, before moving on to three and four published more recently by Last Gasp. (Barefoot Gen is the biographical account of the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 by Keiji Nakazawa who was a child at the time. Reading book one, I must have broken into tears at least four times; and that was before the Americans had even got around to dropping the bomb).

Meanwhile, the giant pile of unread 2000 AD comics sits by my bed as a reminder of the huge task that lies ahead. While I’ve been away, I’ve been working on plugging the gaps in the collection and replacing damaged copies. I have also managed to pick up many of the early Annuals although my hunt for the Summer and Sci-Fi specials has been less fruitful so far.

I have decided that the Judge Dredd Annuals and Star Lord comics are to be included in this experiment. I’m sure to elaborate on why I decided this in a later post. So far, my hunt for all 22 issues of Star Lord is going well although there is still a little way for me to go.

Anyway, my hope is to rejoin the experiment sometime in early March. Although I am sure to post once or twice before then, I will be sending out a group e-mail upon my return and launching this blog in a more official manner.